2013 end of year lists!


2013 end of year lists!

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2013 is in the rear view mirror and there are a lot of people, articles and publications who have done their end of year lists, but they are other people's opinions.

What were your picks of 2013?


We have a couple of end of year threads already: Favourite albums of 2013 and the Best album covers of 2013So why not have one more?


So how about posting (maybe a playlist?) with:

  • Your top songs of 2013
  • Any surprises/discoveries from 2013

And why not give us:


  • Your pick(s) for 2014

Here are a couple of mine to kick us off: 

Best of 2013 - good albums

Best of 2013 - good songs


and a pick for 2014: 

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Re: 2013 end of year lists!

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Re: 2013 end of year lists!


My pick for the next big artist in 2014 is Banks.



So far this year, this is my favourite album:



As for last year, some of my favourites were: Volcano Choir, The Weeknd, Daughter, CHVRCHES, The National, The 1975 and several hundred others that I can't think of!


Really hoping for a new M83 album this year too.


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Re: 2013 end of year lists!

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@Greg  would love a new M83 album!


Made i little playlist with my favorite songs of 2013.

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