2016 New Music Friday "Sum up" a playlist


2016 New Music Friday "Sum up" a playlist


You guys released this awesome New Music Friday New Year playlist with tracks and commentary on the growth of Spotify and it summed up the hottest hits of New Music Friday 2016!  Can we make this a permanent playlist, please?  It's a part of Spotify history and had awesome tracks!

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Hey there thanks for your post and request, can you please make a post with the Spotify link to the playlist you have access to? I went ahead and escalated this post so the Spotify mods can send your remarks along to the content team that made this playlist.


Also you can create a personal archive playlist back up of all these songs just in case it disappears on you in the future as well.


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From The Spotify mods:

"Thanks for the request. The Spotify Curation team are independent, but the Spotify mods will pass on your suggestion 🙂