Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

..old and new. 🙂


2018 was a busy year in music. Checking out new labels, trying out some useful sweet Spotify features and looking into music servers and twitter threads, all for finding new tunes. And I did find some new tunes. Lots of them!

My most listened to artist is still Amon Tobin, his album named ISAM takes the position for the most listened to album. He has a whole lot of music and I continue being in awe of his sounscapes.
(There's a new album coming very soon!)

Anyway, here are some artists, albums and songs that caught my attention this passed year. They are in no order. I listen to mostly electronic music (not just EDM...), so most will be in that genre.

Here we go!

Noisia & Former - Cleansing
Former makes amazing sound design, his trademark is synthesized vocal-like sounds in dark and spacious soundscapes.
This track has just that... and also sublime bass.

Datach'i - System

Intricate patchwork of beats, sonic explorations and soft delicate melodies deviously sewn together by a breakcore artist.
His earlier works remind me of sculptures made of shards of glass and metal. Interesting, beautiful and really edged. System is less dangerous to listen to. 🙂


Dom & Roland - Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel
This is one of the bigger names in d&b scenes. Their album is something I should have looked up earlier, but I am happy I did after all.
Absolutely stunning album with wicked breaks. I seriously love that warbling low bass present in many songs, it gives this sense of monolithic greatness...

CVLNRST - Rendezvous

Sweet bass music! My eyes twinkle with joy when I feel that bass in Palm Reader 🙂

Current Value - That Smile
Cheesy nostalgic synthwave tune intermixed by some fantastic raw beats. There's a video made for this tune as well and it complements the song perfectly - nostalgic scenes of high school love that run into glitchy dangerous everything-will-blow-up moments.



Nickbee - Mars

When it first came on, I was stunned. A few minutes after it ended I still felt mindblown: "What was... that??" ----- "I NEED more!"
It's one hell of a fantastic tune!



Oneohtrix Point Never - Love In The Time Of Lexapro
A beautiful dreamy melodic tune which envelops you in its sounds, slowly increasing in intensity. You will fly!




Seppa is known for some truly awesome bass music. The happier I was when I discovered they are finally on Spotify!
Highly recommend this for anyone looking for some well-produced beats.



Bil Bless - The Night Is Dark, But You're Here With Me
This album has a dark calm melanholic mood to it. The first track off the album speaks to me as I recently lost someone dear to me.
Bil Bless is an artist with many different albums. Exciting productions!


Robbie Williams - I Am The (Res)Erection

This is a rediscovery. Last time I heard that track was years ago.
Nice! I had forgotten he is capable of going downright crazy! 🙂 And not this poppy kind of crazy, this song is more of a ripping guitar strings and doing questionable dance moves on stage-crazy.



Max Sedgley - Slowly

A truly summery track, lovely and chilled-up.



Lingua Ignota
I entered a music server and saw people swooning over this artist...
Powerful and crushing songs with liturgical lyrics. Truly impressive!
(the tracks are quite lengthy)



Think Twice
I didn't quite understand this artist until, well, this heatwave came in. There was no rain, just heat. Endless sun and heat. I grew exhausted. Everyone grew exhausted.
His tunes sound quite exactly like being baked in the immense heat for months. I felt understood as I was laying limp in the hammock.


(city people praised this endless heat. y'all crazy!)


Moody Good - Moody Good

What an exciting bunch of songs! Just like with Diplo's F10rida in 2017 I managed to overlisten some of its tunes and fall in love with others.



Culprate - Deliverance
Another album that I should have taken on earlier.
This album is quite life-changing. It's so beautiful! The sound design, the journey, it definitely blew my mind (and made me wonder where I was before).



Lorn - DRAWN OUT LIKE AN ACHE (sorry, their track names are in caps)
Lorn came out with a new album wich is in every bit as amazing as it could be.
The track below captured me...



Dutch - A Bright Cold Day

An excellent trip hop album with beautiful vocals, so good it would represent its genre just perfectly.



Ivy Lab - Cadillac
Do you want to hear how it feels like to zoom on highways in California, seeing city lights shooting past as you drive in your luxurious car? Listen to this!


Noisia - Shibuya Pet Store
Awesome single from Noisia. I have a vision of animals wreaking havoc in a pet store and a big hairy dog plowing through the door going "BAU!"



Former - Sympathy Mutant
Insane tune, like, really insane 😄 I love it, I bought the album it's on as soon as I heard it, wicked track!




A Belgian indierock band with pretty diverse library enamored me with soft vocals (ie Silent River) and great rhythmic fun insanity (like Body Experience Revue).



Fantômas - The Director's Cut
Avant-garde metal band with Mike Patton in front. The album consists of film soundtracks reassembled in a twisted way. Definitely worth a listen (have a seat first)!



Aleph - Vol.2

More really fun and exciting bassy tunes with great sound design from Renraku.
I love that label, there is some brilliant material in their discography.



Noisia & Two Fingers - Dzjengis

More like Thijs Fingers. 🙂
The tune was made in a dark room. It feels dark and that syncopation makes it even better (cue 'bpm???' and 'what time signature is it in?' comments).
The album art is awesome.



I hope you find something cool from that selection. 🙂

I might add some honorable mentions in comments.


The full chart of artists I scobbled in 2018 is here (last.fm). You'll find charts for albums and tracks in there too.


Now, to explore more music!

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Rock Star 18
Rock Star 18

Not everything is my kind of music, but everything is listenable with interest.


@Sebasty is one of the Rock Star in the community, if not the unique one, always having interesting things to express about music. There is always a reason why she is listening this or that.


She doesn't "throw" music "like this" because it needs to do the same as someone else to try to gain "popularity",  but she thinks about what she is doing and she does it very well.


I wish, it would be more Rock Stars as much involved into music as she is 🙂





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Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Hey @Soundofus,

thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂


About popularity... Most of my favourite tunes are likely never going to hit any charts (same goes for those I wrote about above), but they remain loved among people whose hearts they have touched. That's what music is all about, to me.

SebastyRock Star 16
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wow your discovery & your shared list are awesome.

your post is first post I read in community. relate with your post, for me the discovery feature make me found new single from alternative artist.