A few basic Tips for audience / followers growth.


A few basic Tips for audience / followers growth.

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Every independent artis has the same issue... i have my music on air, but no one listen to it.


I have rised my instagram followers, organic way, not bots, this way, and hope these tips could help you too! 


Things im doing  for self-promote, and increase my streams and followers are:

- Have a heavy presence on socials (instagram, twitter, etc) make at least 2 post per day, and 1 story per hour. (if you can)

- Make your Instagram Bio interesting, add emojis, and in the website link, insert a bit.ly link to be able to track the clicks. 

- You MUST take a look to your stats on all your socials networs. Today is easy to get those numbers, and see which post are getting more engagement than others, so when you detect that, you must continue with that style of posts. 

- You are musician, so make your posts relevant to that, there are tons of free apps or very cheap ones to make instagram ready video post. So, you are promoting music, show your work.

- Make playlists on spotify, but dont put to much of your music, add well known music from your style, no more than 20-50 songs per playlist. (i know i have one with 77 songs, but its doing well). 

- Submit your music to every playlist platforms you could get in like Tunemunk, SoundPlate, etc are free. 

- Share you music in every single facebook group you are. 

- Announce your new releases with at least 2 weeks before the date. 


And with the release on air, shout everywhere at least twice a day.  I know is not much, but with that i have increased my streams from 0 to 700 in a a week for my last album. 


All these are free tips, everyone can do this 🙂


Hope this helps everyone

Good luck!