Afterdark Player - use Spotify in your bed [iOS]


Afterdark Player - use Spotify in your bed [iOS]

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Hi Guys!


I’d like to share a free app I recently released on the App Store. It’s a simple Spotify player app which  I initially developed for my own use, but I hope you might like it too.


I got Spotify about a year ago and was obviously thrilled by its vast catalog of various artists. Now, I hoped I could expand my music tastes a bit - I started to notice that I tend to listen to a smallish set of my ‘favourite' bands which I mostly discovered in my teens. I really like the ‘Related Artists’ feature of Spotify - I’d normally start with some band I know, and then explore the related ones.


Often, I would do it at the end of the day in my bed - just an hour before going to sleep - I’d crawl in, get headphones on and enjoy the music. However I got a bit annoyed with having to open my eyes too often to use the Spotify app - I’d listen a bit with my eyes closed, then when I wanted to go to a different track or artist, I’d have to take my phone from under the blanket, open my eyes, etc…


Then I got the idea to develop an app which I could control with the gestures only, without having to look at the screen. It was very basic - swipe left or right to go to the next song in the playlist, draw the V sign to get the list of related artists, double tap to start playing top songs by the artist, etc. The names of the bands and names of the menus would be spoken by the app - speech synthesis works quite well on iPhone.


I used it for a while and really liked it. Now, I polished it up a bit (although it is still very basic) added a bit more of functionality and put it up on the app store.


Be welcome to check it out, but mind that it requires Premium Spotify account:


Afterdark Player for Spotify


I’d appreciate any feedback or questions.