[All Platforms][Music] Hip Hop playlists on this Website


[All Platforms][Music] Hip Hop playlists on this Website



          This is an idea about your Rap Caviar Playlist. I am a huge hip hop and rap fan and recently i have been coming across something rather irritating on your Rap Caviar playlist. This irritation has risen due to the songs within the mentioned playlist. Songs such as Controlla by Drake and Not Nice by PARTYNEXTDOOR are simply not rap songs. They are great songs, however they are just not rap songs. I think they would belong on an RnB playlist. This issue is one that can be easily solved with the use of proper employees. The creator of this playlist clearly knows nothing about what differentiates Rap and RnB. I believe that they are basing the song choice in Rap Caviar off of Rap associated acts. Or they are looking at the top charts and instead of looking at the name and content of the song, they are looking at the name of the artist. For example, any Hip Hop Head would know that Controlla is not a Rap song. Drake creates Rap and RnB music, and this song falls into the latter. Also, half of the songs on this playlist are trap songs. To a Hip Hop Head like myself, trap music is the herpes of the music world. Rap and trap are separated in the sense of black and white. So please, fix this issue not just because of my complaint, but because of the thousand true Rap fans who wish to listen to "Rap Caviar"

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Perhaps the playlist curators aren't too well versed in the differences between Rap & RnB, and simply add Drake to the playlist due to him operating across both genres?


Can happen sometimes!