Any ИF Fans


Any ИF Fans


If you haven't been living under a rock in the past 2 years, you would have heard of NF. Most famous for his song 'Let You Down' in 2017 where some would say 'started' his career. Other like myself would say he's been goated since his first few albums and singles. In the last 2 weeks he released his much anticipated release of 'The Search' with an amazing album storming fans with more than what was expected.

I compiled this playlist over the years of past and present years, I don't care about followers, just putting his name out there.

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I love NF! Looking for new Christian artists and came across this post... you may also enjoy these :D



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Dudeeeee I am SO happy that you're putting his name out there! I know that people are pretty aware of him now in the charts and his releases but most of them don't realize how dedicated of a fan base he came up w/ and how many people he's been resonating with for yearsss. What were your thoughts on Perception compared to his first two? Most of the people around me aren't familiar with his older releases.


Perception is a GREAT album and the hooks were really well done-- making it way more marketable and the reason why people think he came out of nowhere-- but for me I think his first two albums are my favorites. Especially Therapy Session, I fckn stan TS.


That being said, I haven't heard his new album yet, but I'm about to use your playlist to bump it.


If you like NF you might like these.



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Rock Star 11

Thanks for sharing this playlist with us!

I can't consider myself such a huge NF fan as I know basically nothing about him, but I admire a lot his songs, mostly all the passion and great lyrics of his songs.

I listen to his songs basically everyday, I'll take a look at the songs you shared here.

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