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Artists that have a highly unique sound


Re: Artists that have a highly unique sound


I believe Guns N Roses lead singer "Axl Rose" had a really unique sound, really loved this band and this is one of my favorites

Re: Artists that have a highly unique sound

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Rock Star 17

First and easiest answer from me - Amon Tobin.

No-one else seems to have that delicately crafted melodies, sound design / sound manipulation, intriguing composition and incredible drums in one package.

His tracks are always little journeys in themselves - going off into unknown before returning to the echoes of where it began.
Something of his sound is incredibly organic as well, despite being all-electronic.
spotify:track:30zHG1RPu4dkwY0ilvxNnE:small (this album seems to consist of melodies that were meant to make me weak in the knees)


Deru seems to have a sound that is somewhere between the spiritual realm and this place. Layered beautifully crafted sounds.

I also always recognise Current Value for their very intense sound. It's generally also the reason why I don't listen to them that much, but I still love them. 😅


Same goes for Rawtekk, but they also have this uneasy / mystical vibe to it. More melody as well. The female vocals always make me feel fairly uneasy. : )


A whole heap of smaller acts have a recognisable sound. For instance this new discovery called Mystic Act seems to have an aesthetic for slow (halftime?) beat, where all the atmosphere is built by the bass, vocals, various little detail in the percussion and this ethereal submerged state.


Oh, and to get out of the electronic realm for a bit - Dave Bixby! The echoed 😔 sound. Very beautiful as well.


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Re: Artists that have a highly unique sound

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Somer Hickory, I'm looking forward to the next release

Re: Artists that have a highly unique sound


I suggest giving "Dave Matthews Band" a try if you're into 90's bluesy rock. Very unique sound - very musical and real. my favorites by them are "Warehouse" and "Dancing Nancies".