Back To The Past: Andrew Bird


Back To The Past: Andrew Bird

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The past is the set of all events that occurred before a given point in time. It's contrasted with and defined by the present and the future.


The concept of the past is derived from the linear fashion in which human observers experience time, and is accessed through memory.


The first known use of the word "past" was in the fourteenth century and this is how we go "Back to the past" by music.


Andrew Bird is an American Indie Rock multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter best known for his violin playing, whistling, and voice. He has released 15 studio albums, as well as several live albums and EPs, spanning various genres.


Andrew had just released his 12th official studio album called "My Finest Work Yet" and it's out almost 13 years after he came out with his first studio album called "Music Of Hair" in 1996, when he was just 23 years old. 


These two albums illustrate two different approaches to music by the same artist. In the former, you can feel the taste and atmosphere of his earlier "Crusader” period, which emphasizes his violin and whistling abilities, compared to the more "poppy", electronic feel which can be heard in his latest album.


Andrew is a magnificent composer, someone with great musical abilities.

Gaining publicity was never part of Andrew's plan who has been through quite a lot when it comes to maintaining an artist "facade" due record labels signings and pressure created by the musical industry to produce more of his music.


Through the production of a variety of albums, some gained more attention than others, Andrew always worked his way around the two approches and as of today has worked with many well-known artists, including most notably - Fionna Apple.





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