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I found an Imagine Dragons shirt at one of my favorite places, Hot Topic, and absolutely had to get it. The first song I heard from them was Radioactive and I immediately knew I was going to love the rest of their music. So upbeat and i listen to them ALL THE TIME I wish I could see them in concert. It would be AMAZING ^^ If theres someone who hasn't heard their music, do yourself a favor and check it out now! :)

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Erm... What if we don't have a band T-Shirt? I've never actually seen any bands (I don't really see the point, and I don't like any that much individually).



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I Think  Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss , Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne and Ac/Dc  shirts are the best rock t shirts of all time.

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It is too bad I lost my old Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time World Tour T-Shirt that was my first big concert I had seen with a big touring band in 1986 at the time, I had already Missed out on Van Halen on their 1984 tour and the last for David Lee Roth with the band at the time a couple years earlier, but this show from Iron Maiden made up for it big time at the time. The band with their artists Derek Riggs really did make memorial art for the band during his career with them. If I can find a picture of the style of T-Shirt I had from that North American Tour in 86' I will post an update here.



Edited to add: Well it was not quite like this shirt, the version I had was dark tye dye shirt with the same image on the front and back seen below.

Shirt Fron


Back of Shirt


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Awesome! I sincerely thank you, Barb... I loved reading your entry! 

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Snapshot_20140527_6.JPGHi :)


This is my only t-shirt with a bands name ( My mother is an rock and roll freak ;P) So i choosed between this and a Run Dmc, and this one it is.. iwish you all a great summer and dont forget to rock, rave, love as long as you live... and it´s fore a long, long time. 

Whith Love

Xo Xo

Malin <3


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Hey everyone--thanks so much for sharing your favorite band t-shirts with us!


The contest is now closed and we're taking a look at all your entries today.


As soon as we've got our 3 winners we'll post again here :)

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Hey folks! We're ready to announce our winners. 


Our two runner-ups are....


@Merik with his ODESZA t-shirt:


merik t shirt.jpeg


and @Bbrandt33 's Tony Memmel t-shirt:






Congrats guys--1 month of Premium is coming your way!


And the winner of your May 2014 Spotify Community contest is.....


@estradabranca 's with this Andrew Bird t-shirt!




You'll be getting 3 months of Premium on us @estradabranca !


Keep an eye on your inbox for your prizes guys! Thanks for entering the contest and we'll see you here for another contest in June!

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Woohoo! Thank you @meahtenoha and everyone at Spotify! :)



Also congratulations to @Bbrandt33 and @estradabranca! Enjoy those tunes! :) 

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