Beeing discovered by a spotify playlist creator


Beeing discovered by a spotify playlist creator

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So what are the chances for underground producers / artists to be discovered by a spotify playlist creator? (im guessing there are many people with this job)

i mean there is so much music on spotify.


Personally i listen to alot of music that only has like 30-100 followers.

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Hello :)

I guess there are some tools to help official Spotify playlist creators finding beautiful unknown musics

The more music you release the more you'll have a chance to have 1 beeing discovered and put in a big playlist, when you release something it goes on some 'new musics to be discovered' I think after probably they can filter that by genre / mood to help them catch the new gems they want.

After I think it's up to us, artists, the more we get listeners, likes, streams, subs, the more we have chance to get our musics beeing discovered as it probably goes on some sort of 'trending musics' for the official spotify playlists creators and once again they probably can filter by style / mood. 

Number 3 is probably luck, they maybe have some random discovery tools by style / mood. 

The best to do is to keep creating great music and feed with regular new releases, if the work is good, one day it may be discovered :)
Music is a long project, quite hard at the beginning to get noticed, but onces it starts, if you do great work and be kind with people that follow you, it will give you some love :)

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Re: Beeing discovered by a spotify playlist creator


You have to promote your's a good resource from CD Baby DIY blog:


Re: Beeing discovered by a spotify playlist creator

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Let me start off by saying I'm not an music artist, I'm speaking as a fan & blogger. Don't get hook on the numbers. PLEASE. Because having thousands of likes, does not mean that you'll have thosands of listens every month (or every other month for that matter). You want REAL listeners who appreciate your work, not fabricated followers. Why? because if your music isn't good, I don't care if you buy followers, people are not going to listen to it.