Best Albums of All Time


Best Albums of All Time


Surely a thread about the best albums ever created won't stir up any controversy? Right? 


It's a hotly debated topic and we want to know which albums you think are worthy of the title. 


Post the album (and perhaps a bit of info about your choice). Be sure to give kudos to any albums you also love!


The best way to share the album is:

1. Pick a track from the album.

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post.


I'll post first. Is it next to impossible for me to pick a favorite Led Zeppelin album? Yes. 


Can I pick my favorite for today? Yes. It's Led Zeppelin IIRamble On and Thank You were two of the first Led Zeppelin tracks I fell in love with which keeps me coming back to this album in particular.


Also spotify:track:5G7uLHtoEW140QOcBpJlfz#3:31 gives me chills every time. 

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I'll get this one out of the way. It's just a great album from start to finish, and really important in terms of the context of what was going on in the UK at the time (that whole Britpop thing).


It's one of the albums I've listened to the most in my life, and have done since my earliest days of really getting into music.


Undoubtedly the best Radiohead album. And one of the best of all time too?

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Re: Best Albums of All Time

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This remix edition... If you listen this, it's like energy drink!!!



Much power for my run :)


Re: Best Albums of All Time


This is my personal favorite album ever. I think because every single song in it is special and overall it somehow... fits me! :) I've heard it millions of times :)



Re: Best Albums of All Time

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Ohh right off the bat and Meredith

Just because it is such a master piece.



Re: Best Albums of All Time

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Re: Best Albums of All Time

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Re: Best Albums of All Time

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There's been some really awesome suggestions in this thread. Many albums with music I've really loved for a long time.

I like a lot of what Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan has created, but going through their works, I realize that while their best tracks are so incredibly high above what everyone else has made ever since, they haven't made one full length album without one or more tracks that are really awful in comparison. 

So, instead I'm going to say that the best album, ever, is the album Forever Young by Alphaville. While no single track on this album makes my personal top ten tracks of all time, all of these tracks are within my top 100. A solid album. :)

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