Best live show you've ever seen?


Best live show you've ever seen?

Gig Goer

Would love to hear your favorite live performance you've ever seen.

Mine has got to be the xx at Lollapalooza Brazil 2017. Brought me to tears!!!

Simply beautiful.


"I like mindless disco... they say the lyrics are stupid and repetitious. So what's wrong with that? So is lying in the sun. Not everything has to be serious" (Lou Reed, 1979).
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Re: Best live show you've ever seen?


So I have never actually been to a live concert (this is on my bucket list, don't worry!) but a concert that I have watched a lot on DVD is Crowded House's 'final' concert (which would turn out not to be their final concert thank goodness) on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in 1996. It would turn out to be the last time Neil, Nick and Paul would perform together as Crowded House given Paul committed suicide a year or two before Neil reformed the band.