Change christian music to religious


Change christian music to religious


I'm a devout Pastafarian, and I have been utterly offended that there is a genre for the whole of christianty, but not for the church of the flying spaghetti monster? I would like to see my religion's funky tunes put into their own genre.

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All Hail the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, but how does one go about finding Pastafarian inspired music? I was only able to find only a few songs under a keyword search of the word Pastafarian. This whole exercise being a little difficult finding much along these lines. Might you have a wonderfully full playlist of such groovy tracks, so as to enlightened the rest of the ignorant masses who might not be aware of such transformative music? Being that the Green Room is after all for sharing playlists of music from users from all walks of life, and what better way to spread the message of Pastafarian by being so generous?


Again All Hail the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!



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