Check out my "Creepy" playlist (a bit late for H'ween)


Re: Check out my "Creepy" playlist (a bit late for H'ween)


Whoa, I just now came back to this thread, and see that it has new replies. Thank you. o_o;;     😃


I can listen to creepy music year round. Haha. Listening to the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands right now. I *love* Danny Elfman's creepy-quirkiness! I know that he gets so much influence from classic styles of music (like, '30s, '40s? Gee, I don't even), but he does always put that eerie twist on it, and seal it with a Danny Elfman stamp (potentially toxic)!


So yes, 

@jwylot wrote:

One of the creepiest tracks for me was Pictures of You by Oingo Boingo but sadly it isn't available on spotify 😞

Not sure if I have this in my actual CD collection in my closet, but I'll have to check. Because ♥ Oingo Boingo ♥ !  ㋡

I'll have to check back later today for Jack and Jamie's replies :'3


I hope you each had a nice Halloween. 😃

Without music, life would B♭