Classic Of The Week!!!


Classic Of The Week!!!

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I hope this would be the first of several, I'll like to post one album per week, no matter the year, but has to be a classic and I hope you give me your thoughts about it, as it reminds them, where you were, that you're doing, happy o sad memories, what ever came to your heart or your soul in the worst case from your main...I'm interest in the feelings that the album brings you.... 


For this wee I want to start with one that I recently remembered, this was due to the Eleanor and Park book by Rainbow Rowell as soon as I saw it I'm interested this one located in the summer of 1986, when the cassettes were still used, well, the point is that in a part of Book is given the following dialogue:


"No. It was awesome. I didn't want to stop listening. That one song - is it "Love will tear us apart"

  -Yeah, Joy Division-

Oh my God, that's the best beginning to a song ever"

Elenor and Park pag 59


Well this is the reason for the first album of Classic of the week, a great band that last so few, but with the suicide of Ian Curtis the rest of the band can´t go on because they had previously agreed that if any of the members missed or left the group it would be the end, and so they did, and start a new band named : New Order wich  reached a greater success, more than Joy Division in a certain way but with a very different style ... but that is another story.

The influence that Joy Division had is undeniable and its legacy since it is pretty big, it has realized different covers  one of the most I like is Shadowplay play by The Killers.


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