Cooper - a band from the Netherlands


Cooper - a band from the Netherlands

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Dear people at Spotify,


I tried to look up music by Cooper, a band that somehow manages to reconcile the music of, say, the Beatles and Helmet. They mean a lot to me, seeing them when I was a 16 year old kid and enjoying them eversince.


I found their music, but I think because of their generic name, their records are mixed up with the music of some other Cooper from Spain.


So, I'm arguing for a separate little place on Spotify for the Dutch Cooper. This is where they are on the web:


Thnak you Spotify, besides these shortcomings you are a wonderful omnipotent jukebox.



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Re: Cooper - a band from the Netherlands

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Unfortunately artists with the same name aren't seperated but Spotify have said they're looking at solutions. You may want to add your support to this idea.