Crystal Lake done with Hands Up music


Crystal Lake done with Hands Up music

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Ladies and gentlemen! This is announcement!


Crystal Lake announced that they no more producing hands up :( It's bad new as I like this production. But I'm so happy about old tracks, I can listen them over and over - pure hands up! They are now into Hardstyle, this is harder style and no hands up with happy lyrics and hard crazy melody. Please support this music, there is still a lot great hands up only folks and remixers around. For us Hands Up is religion and we CAN KEEP IT ALIVE TOGETHER!


And now comes the music:


Here's in my opinion best remix from Crystal Lake ever!



With this track I was in love with Hands Up (again) in 2012: (and for life now)



Trust me, we go together forever :) Hands Up will never die!