Danny Brown is not brown, no matter what they call him.


Danny Brown is not brown, no matter what they call him.


Okay so I'm loving Danny Brown at the moment. I heard Old and XXX first, and thought they were pretty darn good. Then I saw him live in London a few months back and cooorrrr blimey it was a  **flawless** performance, as well as being such a breath of fresh air since he was doing something different that enhanced his music in a live situation, compared to many other performers today that just provide a poor reproduction of their studio material.


Anyway, back to the point - Danny Brown has 4 albums that I know of - Hot soup, The Hybrid, XXX and Old. The Hybrid used to be on his Spotify page, yet it disappeared a while ago and I thought it was just some licensing issues or something.. Only recently having discovered Hot Soup, I gave it a search on Spotify (as an avid user would), only to find it, the instrumental version, and The Hybrid within another Danny Brown's Spotify page!


 They Call Me Brown.jpg


This album was there too, and is not by the Danny Brown we all know and love! Also, if you look at the friendly chappy on the front, it doesn't look too similar to Danny Brown OG (see below)




Please can we have The Hybrid and Hot Soup on actual Danny Brown's profile? I wouldn't have minded too much but I gave They Call Me Brown a quick listen and my neck began to bleed (I went straight to the hospital, where the doctor told me it was caused by weak-ass bars, and beats that make you want to shoot your computer, speakers, and then yourself).






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Re: Danny Brown is not brown, no matter what they call him.

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