Disapperared tracks from view


Disapperared tracks from view


I also have a similar problem.. my tracks are missing.. as in not visible in my list, but the list still says it has 50 songs in it.. but you only see about 10 there when you open the list. Why cant I see these tracks?


The playlist was completely fine earlier today, but then I decided to buy Spotify Premium today, and after I bought it, the tracks were gone  from view?  This was also a new list I created today the same day I bought the premium.


Please help :)


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Re: Disapperared tracks from view

Casual Listener

Have you tried to restart the client/and or the computer?
I would also suggest that you logout and in again (in the client). Furthermore you could try to uninstall Spotify and install it again.

The tracks you are missing - are they local tracks you've added from your computer, or did you find them on Spotify? If they are local you'd might want to clear out your local files and add them again. 


This might be a silly question; but are you traveling? As you may know, all tracks aren't available everywhere, so if you added them while you were in Sweden, they might not be available outside the country. Also make sure you aren't behind any VPN or Proxys (which some of us tend to use to unblock certain sites/and or get more content on Netflix/HBO etc).


If neither of my suggestions work, try to answer the questions as much as you can to help us figure out what might be the problem. If possible; try Spotify on another computer or mobile device to verify that the problem isn't with your computer/client.