Disappointing Albums of the year 2015 (so far)


Re: Disappointing Albums of the year 2015 (so far)

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@Jazzwhatever I am interested in other opinions, when there is detailed explanations why we don't like or why we like.  🙂


I will give you an example of what I don't like and why : everyday I dig and listen all the new releases on Spotify. Some listening can be 5 sec and it's enough for me to reject a song. Most of time it's song built on the same receipe and most of time in Dance-house genre. A Hi-Hat, A snare or a KIck starting the song... I reject.


Another kind I reject it's all the songs created on Avicii receipe. An intro with electro-acoustic guitar and a bass drum-kick coming in to give a dance beat. For me there is no creativity, it's just commercial receipe 🙂


I could give you other examples of what I reject.. 🙂 But there is always reason why 🙂

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