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Discover Tab Is Terrific


Discover Tab Is Terrific

Casual Listener

I started to pay attention to the suggestions in my Discover tab and found the majority of them to be really solid. I created a playlist based on the suggestions... Hopefully listening to this playlist will continue to improve Discover.


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Re: Discover Tab Is Terrific


That's great to hear!



The best thing is, it's only going to get better with time 🙂 


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Re: Discover Tab Is Terrific


I completely agree! Discovered so many artists via the Discover Tab.

Re: Discover Tab Is Terrific


Discover TAB!


*opens a can of soda and pours over head*

Re: Discover Tab Is Terrific

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Hey there.


The old Discover tab is now redesigned, at least on my account...


There is now even more better and related content. I'm using it again...


Today found greatest soundtrack of my life... I can't believe this.


I can't wait to discover more after great tea time with vanilla tea and some music...


Have a nice time!!! Keep discovering!!!

Re: Discover Tab Is Terrific


I agree with all you guys, introducing you to new music is one of the things spotify does best adn one of the reasons i use it.