Electronica/Dance album from back in 2011-2013 lost


Electronica/Dance album from back in 2011-2013 lost


Some time ago I had a playlist saved to my account, it was an entire album mix from several different artist. Mostly above and beyond type of music, including man on the run, and lot of other songs I can not remember at the moment, it was released to Spotify summer time think it was as late as 2011 or 2012 but I deleted it for some silly reason and can't even find it on the recover playlist thingy. :( It had an album cover of some girl, that was wearing headphones (no suprise there), and the album had somewhere between 25-50 songs. All in the same genre... It's not much to go with, but anyone have the slightest idea what I am looking for all help is welcome :) (100% sure man on the run was a part of the album) and the album cover for the songs might have changed over time by now.

Thanks for all help!
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EDIT: On second thought it might be even older, maybe even as old as 2009, since I raided Lich king back when it was out (Inner nerd pops out).