Exclusivity contracts with some streaming services?


Exclusivity contracts with some streaming services?

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Music must be licensed to Spotify for the latter to be allowed to diffuse it. Some owners will not license some music to sell more physical media. These are the standard answers Spotify gives to requests for additions.


Since there must be some competition between streaming services, I wonder if some of them don't impose exclusivity contracts to some firms, which would prevent concurrent firms from distribution some of the most desired music.


What is the strategy of Spotify in this regard, what does Spotify know of the strategies of concurrent distributors?


Thanks in advance to Spotify for sharing some ideas on this.

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Re: Exclusivity contracts with some streaming services?

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Although I don't work for Spotify, there is some useful information about this sort of thing here.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Spotify probably keep this sort of information confidential (you know, to stop competitors interfering with strategies etc.), but you never know, someone at Spotify might shed some more light on it!


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