[FILM] The World of Tarantino


[FILM] The World of Tarantino

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Everything you can hear in the movies directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Not only what you can find in the official soundtracks, but also all the additional music you can hear, here and there, all along his films

169 tracks - 8 h 31 min



Note : post in this thread all your playlists about soundtracks. Just be creative, try to not post soundtracks, as it, as we can find in Spotify. Make researches, build compilations and give it a theme.


April 19, 2019 : updated with 2 songs from the upcoming movie : Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

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Re: [FILMS] The World of Tarantino

Music Fan

unnamed-14.jpgmusic huntress: mars


I've maintained a steadfast passion for music throughout my life. Genres have changed and fortunately at my midlife,’ I have had the pleasure of having experienced a wide spectrum of sounds and styles.  Anywhere in the world I’ve step foot in, my ears immediately and curiously perk up once I hear music playing. If fortunate enough I can have a brief conversation with whom provided the music to learn of its idiosyncrasies. Thank goodness for apps like Shazam!


Some collect and work on cars, others design and build furniture, I fall into a rabbit hole of hunting music. I love the feeling of anticipation and anxious wonderment while creating a playlist, methodically placing songs alongside one another either for storytelling or sonic cohesion. I worry that I not forget a song that’ll be the proverbial cherry on top. I forego hours of sleep so that I may work on my “hobby”.

However it’s all very much worth it, because the best part is getting to share this methodically crafted playlist with my musically inclined tribe. I'd say my music range is eclectic almost by necessity, to satiate their varied tastes.


I experience firsthand the challenges of curating a playlist that will have universal appeal. In this state of mind, I began to wonder who the person curating a films’ music is? This curiosity to learn about the hidden conductor in the orchestral pit sent me in search of film music curators.


While researching (read: googles how to become a film music curator), I found an interview on YouTube that piqued my interest. The interview was with Mary Ramos, best known for her film music supervision (a job title I never knew existed) on eight of Quentin Tarantino's films! What an eclectic music selection such to strong films. In the film Django, there’s a scene of Rick Ross singing over a period piece about plantation owners and slaves. The juxtaposition was perfect and the music made the film feel relevant and now. There was a closer connection to the story even though the subject of the film may have been hard to relate to.  


After watching quite a few interviews of Mary, I instantly knew I wanted a job in her space. The idea of marrying music and film is perfect for my skill sets. I am passionate, hard working and innovative. My brain is 90% song lyrics. I know a great song/band when I hear one. Importantly, I understand that a song does not get a full play so the most crucial 10-25 seconds of a song must be selected. It means poring over a catalog of music then doing micro grafting. Music surgery if you will, luckily already in the health care field. 


If given the opportunity to intern or assist with a film production company, I would express gratitude at the opportunity by tapping into my inherent music passion and by showing my abilities to absorb the technological knowledge associated with the industry, specific hardware and software. I would pick up methods and techniques as I learned and I’d add my own flair and flavor, making it uniquely ours. Ciao, Mars.





Re: [FILMS] The World of Tarantino


I stopped by because many of the people I meet playing shows say some of my songs remind them of his movies.