Favorite Remixes?


Favorite Remixes?


Hi everyone!

I've always expected a "remix" to be the club version of a song but lately I have been forced to reconsider. I wanted to pitch it to you and see if you have any suggestions for other remixes that I should check out. I put a few vibey ones that I have been listening to below:


Tilted (Bayonne Remix)


Bite (MUNA Remix)


Morai (Liz Lawerence Remix)

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hey there,
thanks for the link to the Lucy Rose remix album - sounds pretty wicked, am listening to it right now. I do not have a precise remix to suggest to you, but check out my synth-driven indie pop playlist and filter it by the word "remix" (left, top of the playlist), you'll find great remixes in there. One of my favourites in the playlist is probably the veryvery slow Steady Holiday Deepsleeper remix. Hope you find something for you.
cheers, Peter



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Re: Favorite Remixes?

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Hey @hberryfriend


I also had an impression of a remix making the song more club-friendly. Turns out that... it's not always the case. I have found some mind-boggling warps made by some artists, sometimes you feel lucky to recognise the original song the remix was (allegedly) made of.

(yes I am looking at you, Amon Tobin.)


Former makes other's songs his own. The heavily warped vocals are his trademark.


Audeka drops in some weird cadences



And then there's this example of Amon warping the track. The original is pretty dancable, but this one has people lost
At some point there is a beat, and then everything is disassembled once again.
(the whole Outer Edges remix album is basically various artists giving a go on making the most strange and tilted remixes on the songs).

That's not even the most extreme example of his.


Lorn, Noisia and Hecq make awesome remixes too.

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