Favorite playlist?


Favorite playlist?


Hey all!


I love curating playlists, it's what drew me to Spotify in the first place some years ago. So my question is, which playlist is your absolute favorite? Whether it's yours or not - which list do you never get sick of listening to?


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Hi! If you like Hip Hop I recommend you listening to Rap Caviar or FIRE EMOJI. These are the playlists I usually listen to. Or you can try mines: better than sleep vol.1 or better than sleep vol.2. 

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I have my own playlist that I listen to non-stop! Like the name says, it's all about the happy vibes 🙂




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Hey! 🙂


Honestly 'Better than Sleep' would be a really accurate name for some music that really keeps me from going to bed at night. It's mostly Amon Tobin though :') and I have no playlist built for him. I have a large collection of his music in the local library.
But the times where Spotify keeps me awake are increasing. Queuing lots of nice stuff from Mussogsky to Lola's Theme etc.


There are a few playlists I like.


This one is all about some bassy nice music such as tunes from Ivy Lab and Dorfex Bos.


I'm keeping my eye on this label in general, really. It's also all about naughty bass music, but different artists have different and unique approaches.


I built this playlist from all recognised (and available) music Amon has played in his sets. It's quite a wicked compilation and I love playing it from start to end.


(I also have one playlist dedicated to Methlab's releases. Awesome stuff if you're into wandering in deconstructed space that is sound design and some really damn wall-smashing tunes by Rawtekk and Audeka)



Basically, keeping my eye on some labels, and finding new music from the depths of Spotify.

One way to find new interesting stuff is typing whatever word comes in your mind into the search bar and then listening to the results. 🙂

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I tend to stick to my own playlists if I am keen on just playing a playlist but New Music Friday playlists from around the world are fun to check out on Fridays (gives me even more reasons to look forward to Fridays!)