Favourite Spotify Official Playlist???


Favourite Spotify Official Playlist???


Hey guys,


As Spotify official playlists are such a huge part of the discovery process for me - I'd love to know what everyone else in the community is listening to and why. Complete the below and let me know - hopefully, we can all discover something great!


Mine are as follows: 


Playlist Title - Hot New Bands

Playlist URI - spotify:user:spotify_uk_:playlist:5Dhb1Bm6xbD3Ig4VHO5y33

Playlist Theme - Indie/Alternative, New Music

Why this Playlist - Always includes brand new, breaking artists/bands. Fantastic for discovering fresh talent. 



Peace out,

James Cattermole (TW: @cattermolemusic)

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Re: Favourite Spotify Official Playlist???

Casual Listener

Hi James,


I'm a big fan of using music for certain situations. The playlist I've found myself returning to a lot of times is the following:


Playlist Title - Deep Focus

Playlist URI - spotify:user:spotify:playlist:2ujjMpFriZ2nayLmrD1Jgl

Playlist Theme - Atmospheric / Slow beats

Why this Playlist - Has a lot of replayability and gets updated regularly. Great for coding, studying, airplane travel and staring out the window when it's raining.

Re: Favourite Spotify Official Playlist???


Hey James!!


A really Awesome playlist I really like is the "House Party" Playlist. I enjoy it because i can just chuck it on if im studying or Im the dj at a party!! Hope I helped!