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Followers onplaylist


How do i get more followers on my playlist

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I think you should named your list as a popular name. I mean,  like 'best of 2018'. It should be most searchable.

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Promote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere. Find a niche and give it a catchy original title. Playlists like "best music ever" will get buried too deep to be found.




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I agree with @CzechFencer. There are already too many "Best of ..." playlists and unless you're super creative with its content and promoting it, it will remain buried.


I suggest:

1. Give the playlist a critical listen/look. Do you want to hold up a specific mood? I'm honestly slightly confused by the playlist name and the contents - what's the link?

2. Give the playlist a good cover photo and a description (check out this article!)

3. Promote it where you think there are people who are interested in it. The Community also has a place for playlists named as Playlist Exchange, but I suggest polishing yours first and thinking of a good description to pull people to check out your playlist


Making a playlist requires a little bit of work. A playlist consisting of your favourites for example will often remain buried too until some people find out you have a good taste in music. You can probably bypass it by naming it creatively, for example a friend of mine has a favourites playlist named as "songs that don't make me vomit yet" and visitors are often pulled by such weird titles. Content is the key of keeping them.

(rather extreme example, yes)



Hope that helps :)

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Write something and make something that people want to see/hear.


and then star with friends and such, make them follow your list and tell others, from there it is easy.


I startet like that and now on my main playlist I got over 3k followers. 


Excited to see how they are received




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honestly, I don't think it's that easy. But yeah, social media promotion here and there and here and there again.
So many people are making playlists and trying to get followers...
I think the more obscure and the weirder your playlist, the more it stands out, the better.
Good luck ;-)