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[GAME] "Guess Who" won!!


[GAME] "Guess Who" won!!

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Spotify Guess Who answers
Hello folks!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks so much to everyone who participated. Great to see your awesome music skills!

Spotify Amazing Headphones winner! (4 answers right!)


Spotify Awesome Tshirts+Pins winners! (3 answers right!)

To the winners, you will soon receive a private message asking you for more details!


Thanks so much!



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Re: [GAME] "Guess Who" won!!

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Excellent! Well done guys! 😄
Enjoy the goodies!!


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Re: [GAME] "Guess Who" won!!


What kind of headphones are those?  They look neat.  Congrats to all those who won.  Mad I missed Dylan in Round 2.

Re: [GAME] "Guess Who" won!!


Thanks to Rocio and all the Spotify Team for this wonderful gift!!!

Re: [GAME] "Guess Who" won!!

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Jimi hendrix
Carlos Santana
David Bowie
Frank Zappa

Re: [GAME] "Guess Who" won!!

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