Get music news while you listen with MuzeRoom


Get music news while you listen with MuzeRoom

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Hi Friends,

Do you ever think that Spotify is missing a vital piece of the music puzzle?  We get music, but we don't get to know what's going on with the artists we love listenting to.

Here at MuzeRoom we've solved that problem.  We've launched a companion app which will deliver music news for the artist you're currently listening to.  Fire up the app, we will automatically detect your current artist and show you the goods - as easy as that!  We're really proud of what we've built and we're sure you'll love it too.

The app pulls its music news from the top 150 music sites and blogs including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Tonedeaf. And with 220,000 artists tracked, the app has already curated over 400,000 articles - an average of around 685 new articles every single day!

Download it today and enhance your listening experience!

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