Good job promoting "Mo Bounce" on the front page


Good job promoting "Mo Bounce" on the front page

Music Fan

While on the topic, thanks for promoting all the most mainstream garbage in the course of all these years, cause yeah, people wouldn't listen and look for it anyway given everywhere else it's played, right?


Yeah, Iggy Azalea's "Mo Bounce" is exactly what needs greater exposure.  Not like you've shown you have any self-respect anyway with all the latest moves you guys have been making, so not really a surprise.



Suggestion: Try to include in your business plan a bit of risk, like maybe try something actually progressive (even a bit "edgy", if you like), like promoting up-and-coming bands/artists who you will mutually benefit from by promoting and them in turn recommending your platform.  You may even find you make more money in time rather than whatever these record labels are paying for these sell-outs.


Don't just ride the current wave.  Push innovation and try and create new ones.  The current wave always crashes - something all these huge corporate labels still struggle to learn.