Guerin Lewis's "Long Way Home"


Guerin Lewis's "Long Way Home"


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An amazing Pop Country song called Long Way Home by Guerin Lewis was released on spotify last night (and all other music streaming platforms) and it's most definitely worth the listen. He's an independent artist from Steamboat Springs, CO and is currently living in Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becomming a singer/songwriter. It's a song about taking his girl back to his beautiful hometown in CO to experience something she's never done. If you're into a Sam Hunt vibe, this is definitely something you should check out. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and share any undiscovered pop country songs that anyone else might enjoy! (I'm always looking for new music and open to listening to anything) Thank you so much for reading and happy listening! 

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Hey @jillianlerner thanks for sharing this track tip.


Just wanted to let you know I've edited the subject line to make it clear for folks what this thread is about. Thanks!