Hear This Underrated Masked Musician


Hear This Underrated Masked Musician

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C68QO0PWcAARUYW.jpgMasked musician

Like Instrumental music?

If you like instrumental music (Such as movie scores for films, electronic sounding melodies, etc then you might like this artist). The instrumentals range from soundtracks you would find in a horror film from soundtracks you would find in a racing video game. The instruments and sounds are very diverse in each instrumental album. "Eye in the world", "Heart In The Eye"  and "Clock In The Eye" are all instrumental albums from Kaysinners. There's even a song with congas that makes you want to dance!


Like Rap music? 

If you like rap then this artist also creates rap songs. Each with its own unique melody and sound. With lyrics that are very relatable in many of the songs. Check out the album "Tribulations" to see what I mean 


Like Other Genres?

Kaysinners doesn't have a specific genre. In his album "Tribulations" he made a rock song and on his Bandcamp he has a song which kind of falls into the dance/pop genre


Check this underrated musician!