Help finding playlists for parents


Help finding playlists for parents

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So I'm getting my mom to try out Spotify. She's more in the WWII/Baby Boomer generation music. I'm having trouble finding any playlists in the Browse section with artists she likes which is more older stuff like Andy Williams, Doris Day, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Sinatra, Peter Paul & Mary, etc. The Decades category doesn't seem to have anything before 50s rockn'roll and the term "Oldies" seems to always refer to Doo-wap type stuff. I'm not really sure what the name is for her specific type of 'oldies/classics' music to look under or what Genre I should even be looking at. I've found playlists that are just Sinatra but I can't find any kind of general mix for her to follow. Any recommendations? Maybe Spotify could create a section for classics playlists? 

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Lets see I used the term Big band music, which is where music from pior to 50's rock and roll would have fallen into. I ended up getting some generated playlists. I ended up with these playlists you can check them to see if they fit for your mom.


Then what you can do is click on artist names within the playlists to get to the artist profiles pages if they exist and go from there you might have to do some google or wikipedia searching to ensure you get the right era of artists to help build playlists for your mom to listen to but a few hours research should not be that hard.