Help finding rap song!


Help finding rap song!


Really don’t have a lot to go on here but it is worth a try!


I recently heard a rap song on spotify in the car randomly and heard it again not long after when I was out and can’t figure out the name of it!


It’s a man and he’s singing the words at the start I think but he’s dragging each word out with little change in tone. It kind of sounds like humming or groaning but I’m pretty sure it’s words. I’m sure it’s a pretty recent song as well.


Sorry for the lack of detail but any help is appreciated!

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Do you remember what playlist you heard it on and what was the date?

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Hi! Do you remember any particular instruments in the song? Any interesting phrases or words the artist said? Was it melodic rap or straight rap? Are there any other artists that sound like the artist you remember hearing? Hope this helps!