Hey there. Introduce yourself and your music.


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Gig Goer

Hmm, I guess the best way for me to talk about my favourite music is to grab my top 10 artists and why I like them.


Metallica because they are the guys who got me to appreciate metal in the first place. I borrowed their album Kill Em All from the library and was blown away by sounds I had never heard before. Next came Load (which I feel is underrated) and then ...And Justice for All, and I guess the rest is history.


Dalriada because they have such a wonderfully unique sound. I love their lead singer, whose vocal tibre comine with the phonetics of Hungarian to make a wonderful vocal sound. On top of that is the folk metal style of the band as a whole and it makes for a wonderfully unique sonic experience. I recommend you all check them out, at the very least the first few tracks of Igeret to see what they're all about.


Opeth is just a great band. I love seeing them live, I love listening to their albums, they're great. Top vocals and heavy riffing make for a top musical experience.


Slipknot are a constantly evolving beast, with each album being quite different from the previous. Don't judge them from their singles, they have quite an interesting catalogue, and as time has gone on they have matured significantly from the angry children they were in their early days. You never know what this band will bring out next, and that's part of what I like about them.


Alanis Morissette is an interesting woman because she seems to have a different way of approaching life. For me she really hit her stride with the album Supposed Former Infatuation Junke, though Under Rug Swept has some very impressive tracks on it. A wonderfully unique voice pushing out beautifully expressive lyrics.


Midnight Oil was part of my political awakening during high school and their music will always have an interesting place for me. While I don't agree with all of the politics that is expressed in their lyrics, I always respect the passion and fire with which they delivered their message. If you like 80s rock, listen to Blue Sky Mining, IMO their best album.


Joe Satriani would be the first solo guitarist I have listened to and the first I saw live. Satch Boogie is just wonderful. It's difficult to explain exactly why I like this guy's music so much.


 RhapsodyRhapsody Of Fire because... well, they're awesome? I describe them to people who don't know them as DnD nerds with long solos. A little crude, but considering their five album epics telling long fantasy tales, it is a somewhat accurate description. It disappoints me that all of their albums aren't on Spotify, because my two playlists covering their two finished story arcs aren't complete, especially the Emerald Sword Saga. Oh well.


Pantera because they're Pantera.


Mushroomhead OMG HE LIKES SLIPKNOT AND MUSHROOMHEAD yes I do, what of it? These guys have put out great music and have an interesting guitar/synth balance, which ebbs and flows from album to album. Their album Savior Sorrow remains one of my favourite albums ever and they are always a delight to listen to.


That is of course not the whole picture- I haven't gotten into the jazz I like, and there's some heavier bands I like and haven't mentioned while there are some classic rock bands I quite like but aren't here. Top 10 lists are hard.

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Casual Listener

Hey, I've been using Spotify since 2011.  Without exhaggeration or dramaticism, Spotify has changed my life.  Without it, I wouldn't have been exposed to a sixth of the artists I now listen to, and that music has helped me get through so much the past couple years.



This playlist, in particular, is a collection of music that I have continually updated for about two years now.  It means a stupid amount to me.

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Casual Listener

Hey all, been a Spotify user since the first moment it became available in North America. Premium user for the past year or so too.

It would be completely impossible for me to share my ten favorite artists, since they constantly shift and swirl at a moments notice, depending on my mood, and taste at the time.

I've been DJing professionally since 2001, and I love using Spotify to share my collection of music with other passionate music fans. So instead of listing my ten favorite artists, I'll share 3 of my newest playlists (you can feel free to browse all of the others, I kind of love music of all genres and time periods)

br />

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Casual Listener

Step Into The Sunshine by Gary B. The album went to number 1 in the iTunes electronic Spain  and top 20 UK chart.



Gary B - Step into the sunshine

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Spotify Legend



I'm Jack. I've just joined as one of the moderators here, but I've been with Spotify for a couple of years now. 

I've lived in Cambridge for a few years, but I grew up in Hertfordshire. 
I'm big into my music and particularly seeing it live. I also do a radio show on a local station here in Cambridge.
You can check out my Spotify profile here: jackdangerhurst

But here's a playlist of some stuff I've been into lately: 

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Casual Listener

Hi all,


I'd just like to say that I wish Spotify controllers would please use the word 'whom' to follow as opposed to what they're currently using, 'who' to follow.  


I don't know how to link my 'star' list.  I'd do it, if I could.


Yours for the music,


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hi im jordan and spotify, can u guys add aaliyahs songs to spotify please

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Hey Spotify community

What's been going on with everyone out there?  For all users old and new on Spotify; this is the “Hello! Introduce yourself, And your music!” community topic.  I would like to thank all the people who participated in this discussion. I would just like to let everyone know that I do not work for Spotify. I would like to make this offer to anyone or everyone who needs to take advantage of it.  If any new users need a basic 101 course in Spotify features and organizing.

If you have questions, let me know via email or direct message.

For anyone who happens to be a fan of rock, alternative, alternative rock, pop-rock, indie, alternative metal hard rock,


My name is Andrew. "Attmfk" a writing/online pseudonym assumed in 1997, (acronym) origins.

Since age 5, my music obsession began with cassette tapes collection of albums by "The Beatles."

The very first CD I purchased was a double disc, “The Best of The Doors” in 1988.

In March of 1992, parents bought my first guitar (electric) and amplifier.

1993, my brother took me to my very first live concert, “Nirvana” w/ the Breeders.

By 2010, The end of my CD collection, quit purchasing albums on disc.  Final count 1,474 albums.

The very first time I had heard of or used Spotify, was @ friend’s house on December 6, 2011.

I officially joined Spotify on December 12, 2011, began with 30-day free trial.

As of October 24th 2013, my Library has 81 Playlists, 5,708 Albums, 26,407 Tracks.



I spend a better half of my day, collecting, editing and listening to tracks on Spotify.  When I was forced to try and cut it down to the essential 10 artists to define me, I couldn't do it.  Most of the time I listen to altternarive, rock, hard rock, indie, pop rock, metal, alternative metal, singer-songwritter, electronic, Post-grunge. Alternative Pop-rock. Electro-Induistrial, Grunge, Indie Pop, Industrial, Math Rock... ect. I wanted to choose what I felt were the definitive songs I choose to feature on this list.  That for me was the hardest part.  


If you care to check out my playlists Attmfk Spotify Proile.  To anyone who wants to chat about music, feel free anytime to contact me.




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Casual Listener

Hello! My name is Erin and I am in the band Hey Anna!  We are a (mostly) family band and have made a playlist with songs from some of our favorite family bands. 


It's A Family Thing

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Spotify Legend

Hey Erin,




I've had a little listen to your band and I'm very impressed. Here's mine: The Last Dinosaur


Great work on the playlist too. Random fact; my sister took the photograph used on the front cover of the rereleased version of The Staves album:



Here are some (actual killer tracks) that haven't yet been included:

The Walker Brothers – The Electrician (they don't actually count but this song is incredible)

The Webb Brothers – The Liars Club

Radiohead – Codex

The Breeders – Cannonball

Womack & Womack – Teardrops - 7" Edit

Bee Gees – Love You Inside Out

The Bangles – Manic Monday

Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Blues In D


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