Hey there. Introduce yourself and your music.

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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Hey Erik.


I've never been able to work out what the title of this track meant That **bleep**ing Tank – NWONWOBHM but I've just realised it's a play on words of that NWOBHM.

Thanks for posting, that TFT album came out a year and a half ago and I've only just understood that  :P 


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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Rock Star 9

Hi everyone! My name's Brett, and I'm from Texas. I've been using Spotify pretty much since it was released here in the US, and it just keeps getting better. I find myself now getting more involved in the community and just was added to the Rock Star program as a rising star. Amazingly enough, this is my first time venturing into this music chat, and I do believe I've been missing out. Glad to be here now.


I love all sorts of music and have become rather addicted to finding new things to listen to...Spotify has made my addiction worse in fact lol. Aside from that, I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I also enjoy video games. So much time staring at a screen...


Anyway, here are my current top 10 artists in no particular order. Not easy picking favorites, and they can change at any given moment.


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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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I wish Spotify had the iTunes featrure that tells you your most played tracks, because I guess at any given time that list would be the closest thing I would have to a top 10. I can't listen to much of one thing at one given time, so the list constantly evolves, but there are some songs I can't get enough of like:


Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon

Bed - J Holiday

When a Woman Loves - R Kelly

Loungin (Who Do you Love) - LL Cool J

Sexy and I know it - LMFAO

Sabra Dios - Raul Midon

Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood


Jay Z - varies but something of his is usually on rotation in one of my devices



All totally different styles and moods, you know, just like me! :-)


Find me at my onine home: www.ascendingbutterfly.com or on twitter @Tracy_Iglesias



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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Here's my current EDM, electro, house, dance playlist for November 2013. Follow! :-)

Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Hi my name is Mario,I listen to everything from oldies to new bass beats

Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Hello my name is Adrian and I'm going to share my playlist here. I hope there are more people who like any of the music in my list :) Have a nice weekend!


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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!


Hi everyone! My name is Charlie... 


Music taste? Well I'm a country lover (and yes, I have a huge crush with Carrie Underwood). Everything from Loretta Lynn to Brad Paisley ^_^


My favorite band is Pink Floyd since I was 8 years old, i'm a Prog head being Dream Theater my second band. 


I can listen from Metallica to a calm tune from Adele :)


I play guitar and I love music as you can guess. I heard abour Spotify a long time ago but never really tried it, until last Monday. I have to say i'm really impressed and i love it. 


I got a Premium account immediately after 1 day of trying it.

Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Hi there,


Im a big fan of Techno/minimal, alway listening!


you could check it out, ;Technificent'

Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!


Hi all, looking for some new artists/songs to add to my playlist. It's a mixture of genres but all in my opinion chill/downtempo. Thanks in advance for you suggestions!



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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself..and your music!

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Most of the other people here in Las Vegas call me Eric. Not sure why it took me so long to find my way to this community... I've been a loyal Spotify user since its launch in the US. Too busy listening to music, I guess. I work in digital marketing for one of those big buildings with lots of lights on The Strip. When I'm not in the office, I'm drinking cocktails and trying to find some live music. Downtown Las Vegas is turning into a great spot for both of the above and I highly recommend you check out East Fremont next time you're in town. I'm happy to give you some of my favorite spots... Just give me a shout.


This list is pulled from a few other lists, but it is a good representation of what I have been listening to over the past few weeks and months. Hope you can join me for a drink and some music soon... Cheers!!