How do you guys clean your library?


How do you guys clean your library?


So I'm starting the arduos work of cleaning up my library.

I'm going to create several folders.

- For the artists I have more music for, I'll create a folder called "Artists" and put all their stuff

- Create a genres folder and create several subfolders for genres and sub genres

- I might create another folder with situations like "Gym", "Party", "Chill" and put my favorites from above


Thing is I'm a bit confused on how to go about using the library.

Do you guys use only playlists? I don't see any useful way to use the library section, except to move all the songs I have there without any criteria to a "To sort" playlist, remove what I don't care about and sort in the above mentioned structure above.

After that, should I use it? How?

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I use the library mostly just when I'm not specifically looking for a certain song or type of music.

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The only section in the library that I use regularly is Songs. I add whatever I like at the moment or songs I think might grow on me. Those songs (99% of them) get placed in my old Starred playlist because I don't want to forget them. The Songs category seems more temporary to me than playlists cuz I'm always accidentally unchecking/removing things on mobile. 



But yeah, other than that I mostly use playlists. 

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I use the Songs section of the library to (temporarily) store new songs I've found and want to relisten again. If I like the tunes, I drop them into my playlists. If I like them a bit less, there's a third playlist. I am very picky, so there is no playlist for bad songs. ;)


If I can't make up my mind, I'll just move the tracks to a "I wiped my Saved Music" playlist. It contains amazing stuff, I realized when I listened to every playlist I had to remove songs I no longer liked.


I wouldn't feel too bad about not using some features. I don't have many playlist folders for example (just one for less used playlists).


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Re: How do you guys clean your library?


My playlists are all organised by Season and Year