How to get a radio station for my song


How to get a radio station for my song


I recently uploaded my first track just as a bit of a feeler. I'm currently working on an album.


Anyway, I was hoping that being able to get a radio station for my song would mean that my song would show up on similar radio stations, and help get it out there a bit.

It's been up for about two weeks now, but whenever I click start song radio, it says "This radio station cannot be started".


Is there a way to get a station for my song? I've tried creating a playlist of it with similar songs.



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Re: How to get a radio station for my song

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Hello @DavidNorth and welcome to the community


I am going to try to make things clearer for you about the feature Radio Station on Spotify.


First of all, you can read this article :


When you create a Radio Station on Spotify, based on a song, an artist, a playlist, an album, that means that Spotify is going to pick the music for you.


Music is picked considering the way the song, the artist, the playlist, the album is indexed by the system following : your listening habits, genre, style, listening habits of people listening the same thing, etc...


So, if you try to create a Radio Station based on one song you have just uploaded, unless the song gets already many plays, the song is certainly not yet an efficient part of the indexation. So, no station, based on it, can be created for now.


What Radio Station feature doesn't mean :

When you create a Station based on your song, that doesn't mean that your song is sent to different Radio Stations. That just means the system will search for songs similar (considering what I said above) for creating a never ending playlists which will be the Radio Station.


So, how your song can be on Sations listened by users :

When your song will be part of the system, it can appear, the same way as described above, on Radio Stations created by other Spotify users.


For that, you need to try to promote your song(s) :


Here some useful links :


I hope things are a bit more clear for you now. If you need more explanations, don't hesitate to ask again.


Good luck with your project :)


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Re: How to get a radio station for my song


Thanks very much for that, @Soundofus. That's really handy information.


I'll keep working on it, and working on my music.


Thank you. :)