How to you find favourite music


How to you find favourite music

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Hi all


When it comes to deciding on weather to just not stream, not use Spotify for some/all songs, how do u decide ?


I guess its not psyically possible for everything to be availble to stream, althothough one day it may happen, is local songs (weather they came from psyical media) always gonna be required regardless of streaming service ??


If so, how do you decice ?   aka pick 200 songs and see how many are available for steeaming ?  900 songs etc ??


Whats the rule u follow?

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I have all music I want for stream on Spotify. That's unavailable, these I will not listen.


I have so lot music, so I never buy missing puzzles. Over 1,750 on playlist now.


To find new music I subscribe to labels, in techno and dancecore these are for example DJ Beat Records, Global Airbeatz. Mental Madness etc. Also I listen sometimes Also I usually search with remixer name like DJ Gollum, Tom Trax, Basslovers United and find songs I miss currently from list. Also when I look at profile page of artist, I look for related stuff. From there I can find ever more.


For me music purchases are last season. A lot of money, why. You can stream all the stuff for 10 €.


Also I think it is a lot better as purchase, as my listenings are every time little compensation to rightholders. On mp3 purchase I could pay only once no matter how much I will listen it on repeat.


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ok Thanks..


Is spotify any good with versions of a song ? (aka mixes, remixes, dance versions etc..)  or don't they have this much ?


Really only focing on what i may be missing by steaming as remixes of a givin song is important to me. Also genres like Dance, Trance...


How much of this ?


I searched on Spotify have a found a few. but seems fairly limited of mixes/remixes or 12' mixes.