I Am A Binge Listener!


I Am A Binge Listener!


You've heard of people binge watching television shows on Netflix or Hulu. I am a binge listener on Spotify! Sometimes I'm in my office all day, so I pick an artist I'm interested in and listen to their entire catalog beginning with the first album and on and on. Sometimes I have to pick it back up the next day. 




So what have you been binge listening to lately? I recently completed a real obscure binge listening session. I listened to solo albums by former members of Mott the Hoople, Mott and British Lions who are not Ian Hunter. So I queued up albums by Mick Ralphs, Verden Allen, Luther Grosvenor, Morgan Fisher, Ray Majors and John Fiddler. Found some really awful stuff and some nice surprises,



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Rock Star 23
Rock Star 23

I think everyone binge listens on Spotify 😉


When am I NOT listneing to music? haha I can never get enough


Spotify is bae

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Re: I Am A Binge Listener!

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Uhh that probable is the same with all Spotify listeners when I am not sleeping, or watching something on the TV or going somewhere but even then with my phone app I am listening to something on Spotify. Welcome to the club, music streaming is the next best thing except maybe TV and Movie streaming to have been invented next to the early Internet. Streaming digital content has so much potential for labels and artists if they only can figured out how to do it effectively, which is hard to do sometimes with a new type of way of delivering content.


I always have some kind of music blarring in my ears. I build artists discography playlists so I listen to music from the first release to their last in artists built playlists. You can check out my Spotify profile in my singnature at the bottom of this post to see what I have been listening to lately. Ask and I will give you my last.fm profile id and you can check that out as well. Though it is rather new only a few months old, I did not get around to it earlier for some reason. 🙂