I need help


I need help


How can you get my songs to my computer so that I can listen to them with out being on spotify.

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Hi there,

Do you mean how to sync songs so you can listen to them while offline?

To do this you need to be a Premium subscriber. Then, find the songs you want and add them to a playlist - easiest way is to right - click and select New Playlist or whichever playlist you want them added to. Then, select the playlist in the list on the left and at the top of the track list that appears in the main window choose Offline. These will then download, as will any other tracks you put in this playlist.

You still need to be running Spotify to play the downloaded tracks, but no need to be online

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I need help to. does anyone know the song that is played in the background of this spotiy comercial.Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 8.53.12 AM.png  I Sounds like it is a spanish shuffling song. i have been looking for ages and i just cant find it. its driving me nuts.


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Do not have a free so can't test. But I try to use my brothers account.