I need new music!


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Maybe you would also like The Bleachers or Cage The Elephant! They have a indie pop vibe to them! 

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hey! you listed off some artist I really like, so maybe I can suggest some songs/singers you might like if we have similar music taste. Electric Love by BoRNS has a very pumped up loving feeling, almost like you're at a roller rink or driving down the road at night with some friends. If you like ToP, you might like TFB as well, one of my favorites is Jim Bogart. Marceline by Willow, it has such a chill relaxed feeling. Something you'd listen to while hanging out with friends or just doing homework. Another artist you might like is Tyler the Creator, if you like Billie Eilish you'll like his album Flower Boy. If anything, I usually leave my favorite playlists I make public :) so feel free to drop by and maybe follow to keep up, I make monthly playlist to try and expand my music taste and just to keep me busy. Hope you enjoy! :)


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Have you ever listened to this before?



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We came across you on the public board and found ourselves at your profile on Spotify.

We saw that you were welcoming to messages, so we want to introduce ourselves!

We're Lauren And Dre, a hip/hop-pop duo.

After reading your post, we feel that our newest release would fit well along side the other music being played!

We've linked it below- entitled "Go". It has a chill vibe packed with emotion. Great for those nights where you just want to vibe and think!

Even if you choose not to add it we would still love your feedback!




Thanks for your time! 

We hope to hear from you soon! 

Lauren And Dre 



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I make tropal house and electro house, i hope you like it.  Let me know =)



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Try a song named. Weird egg,  by MOi ..... Give it a listen all the way through and imagine a short story. 

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I think youd really like a band called Alt-j (if you havent heard of them already) they are an alternative indie band that is very differnt absolutley love them. 


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Here some of the songs me and my mates like to listen too no matter what we do.



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