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I need to find a song, I´m desperate..


I need to find a song, I´m desperate..


Hello there!

I´ve been looking for this song for quite a while, I can´t seem to find it. The song was last time listened on a spotify-owned list called "ElectroNow". It´s probably an edm/deep house categories song with "ladies and gentlemen, let´s get ready to ruuuumble" as a part of its lyrics. I would really appreciated any help I can get.

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Re: I need to find a song, I´m desperate..

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You're lucky, - last time I've listened to that song was yesterday, I love it! That's Nicky Romero - Ready 2 Rumble.

Have a nice day!

PS you might want to check out my playlist. I've also got a Protocol one that includes this track.