Improve recommendations for classical music


Improve recommendations for classical music


I am generally not a fan of websites and streaming services' "personalised" recommendations as they haven't once in my life applied to me. However, Spotify needs to at least make an effort when it comes to classical music. No matter what I listen to from an extensive library of classical playlists all it does is say "hey, have you heard of Mozart?". Also, listening to operas produces recommendations for cheesy Christmas concerts.


Spotify is by far the best streaming service for classical music as far as content is concerned, so it would be great to see some more attention devoted to its listeners.

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Re: Improve recommendations for classical music

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I can assure you that Spotify is constantly trying to improve their recommendation system. 😉
Furthermore the idea exchange is rather for suggesting an actual feature than general feedback - that's why I've moved it over here in the music chat. Feel free to discuss how those improved recommendations should look like!


Also, have you tried out the Spotify Classify app? 🙂