Lack of releases


Lack of releases

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Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum but has anyone noticed the slowdown of new releases in the last 3 month's. 

I am a big fan of US Hip-Hop new and old skool, mostly old tbh (gfunk etc...) UK garage, Indie Rock and more hardcore rock. I can even get pretty mellow with some R&B so if anyone has some ideas of something i may not of heard please let me know. Look up my name for a few playlists I've done of tunes i like. 


Apologies if this is the wrong page.

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Here's some hard rock...hope you dig!

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You should listen to this. It was released this september.


Have a great day ;)

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I tried to stay relatively in the past three or four months with these songs;
I love recommending David Cook to about anyone. If you were to meet me, I guarantee I'd mention him a lot. I am even his #13 fan/top listener according to ... This is one of his releases for his new EP's coming soon! (There are three tracks that have been leaked, but this is the only one on Spotify as of now). This one is pretty poppy, but also has a bit of a rock style in it.
Ahh! I really don't like how Theory of a Deadman is going pop now. I really didn't like RX, but this one is a bit better. I would recommend their older songs, but I tried to stay recent. This is one of the released songs that will be on their new album 'Wake-up Call'. I surprisingly liked this release so I will share it.

Here is where my rap taste comes in. I remember listening to this track all day every day for a few weeks. I am a decent fan of Desiigner's music. I don't listen to him as much as I used to, but his music still deserves the attention it deserves. This one may not be a song you'd like but I still love it all the same.


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