Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin


   So I've read that Led Zeppelin was going to be on Spotify and that the person with the rights would give them permission to stream Led.


 After further investigation I realize that the forum with that information is over a year old. 

Every other notorious rock band from that era of music (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones etc) is streamable.


  I honestly believe that whomever holds claim to the Led Zeppelin royalties would have no problem permitting their music on Spotify.


 Why has it taken so long for nothing to happen?


 I think us fans need to speak up a little more.

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Led Zeppelin from my knowledge are extremely picky about who can license there music has always been that way. From Wikipedia:

"Unlike many of their contemporaries, the band has been very protective of its catalogue of songs and has seldom allowed them to be licensed for other uses. For example, it was not until 2007 that the band licensed their songs to any online music stores."


Times are a changin, but I can't see Led Zeppelin jumping on board anytime soon. 



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why no Led Zeppelin???

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can someone please tell me why Led Zeppelin is not on spotify?? this I can not understand... does anyone know?

Re: why no Led Zeppelin???


The Righteous Filter (HearNoEvil 2.0) does not allow devil musics

Re: why no Led Zeppelin???


I would assume it's because they aren't giving Spotify the rights to their music. Same reason why there are no Beatles albums

Re: why no Led Zeppelin???

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and no eagles until recently....

Re: why no Led Zeppelin???

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We'd love to have it some day. I'm a big fan too. For more information on this please see https://support.spotify.com/problems/#!/article/Content-missing/

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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Re: why no Led Zeppelin???


They are being cautious over who streams their music. I have created a google alert to tell me when someone posts something with "spotify" and "zeppelin". I did the same for Pink Floyd and was the first to enjoy their music when it was available.


Go to google.com/alerts and create an alert "Spotify Led Zeppelin" and you'll get notified when things happen.


Fingers crossed they'll release their amazing music soon!

Re: Led Zeppelin


Thumbs down to the OP for getting me excited about The Beatles.  As if...


No ac/dc either


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Re: Led Zeppelin


+1   When is Led Zeppelin coming to Spotify?