Lets Make A Playlist For The Community (Community Playlist)


Lets Make A Playlist For The Community (Community Playlist)

Gig Goer

Hey Guys,


i have been looking through this community board and i see users that want to start a community playlist and they only get like 20 followers. Really? ONLY 20? thats way too low for us and our music deserves better. this playlist that i will be making will be dedicated to YOU, the community. Spotify should consider creating a featured playlist with just songs that come from here. 


This playlist will allow you guys to be featured on this playlist and with your help we can make this the biggest community playlists! 


NOTE: There will only be 20 Spots for you to be featured. 



1. You're only allowed to post 1 Song per user (so pick your best one)

2. In order to be considered to be put into in the playlist, You MUST follow the PLAYLIST and the PLAYLIST MAKER

3. if your song is not chosen, you can post again when the playlist updates. (the playlist will update EVERY MONTH)

4. Please do not spam. It wil not be considered at all.

5. if you're on the playlist and you unfollow just for the sake of promotion, then you will be DELETED off the playlist (We're always watching)


I want to help the Spotify community users who want to become discovered on here and if we do this together, hopefully Spotify will look at this and make this a featured playlist!