METAL BAND MADE IT TO No. 1 (But dosen't exist)


METAL BAND MADE IT TO No. 1 (But dosen't exist)

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I wasn’t aware of Pentakill, do you?  


Pentakill: how a metal band that doesn’t exist made it to No 1


Really doesn’t matter, not because we’re not metal fans it’s because the point is that the technology in this case a video game  League of Legends  with some fans around the world (100 million) make this phenomenon possible.


If we think in Gorillaz is not the same thing because they are part of the mainstream and the fan base is pretty much different, this fans are music fans and the ones of Pentakill are pretty much video game fans but at the end it doesn’t matter much because their love for the game get right through the music, it simple if you spend a lot of time playing you must kind of love the music than it’s part of it.


Will be this the way that music takes?

Will be seeing more and more of this kind of bands?

Or are this bands the needle in a haystack?

What do you think?


This is a pretty nice track that you don't need to be metal fan to like, is the firs one of the new album II: Grasp of the Undying 




And this is their most listen at Spotify:






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